Brandon Lawrence

Providing A Water Slide For Your Child’s Party

For those that are wanting to make a summertime children's party an enjoyable and memorable event, water slide rentals can be the perfect solution. A water slide rental may be a major part of your child's party, and this can make it necessary to take steps to ensure the water slide rental goes smoothly. Appreciate The Space Requirements For A Large Water Slide Rental One mistake that parents will often make with their child's water slide rental is failing to appreciate the amount of space that this device will require. Read More 

Ready To Be A Heartwarming Santa? Learn Why A Real Beard Matters

In the months, weeks, and days before Christmas, individuals throughout the world get ready to bring joy to the hearts of children. A group of individuals don red suits, black boots, and Santa caps. They head out to stores, malls, and parades so they can entertain people or listen to a child's list of wanted gifts. The whole purpose of those who play Santa is to keep the magic alive for those children that believe. Read More 

Quality Polyurethane Casting Starts With Good Design

Polyurethane materials are often used in casting because they create production-level quality parts without requiring the use of expensive hard-tooling processes. As more and more businesses turn to polyurethane casting to meet their production needs, the importance of quality product design is becoming more apparent. You can't expect a successful outcome when casting polyurethane materials if you don't start the process with a detailed and reasonable design. Account for Shrinkage Read More 

Why Your Construction Firm Should Invest In Portable Heaters

As a construction company owner, you are always trying to keep your projects running on time while also keeping your employees safe and comfortable. This can be easier said than done, though, when the weather outside is not cooperating. If conditions are cold or damp, it might not be possible to work at the pace you would prefer. Luckily, there is a possible solution for this problem in the form of construction portable heaters. Read More 

Helpful Tips For Using Ammonia For Cleaning In Your Business

Ammonium hydroxide, which is also commonly known as ammonia, is a common cleaning agent that is used in all sorts of commercial facilities. If you are hoping to use ammonia for cleaning in your business, you might be looking for a little bit of advice. These pointers can help you use ammonia safely and effectively. Purchase Pure Ammonia First of all, you may want to avoid buying mixed products that include ammonia and other ingredients. Read More