Ready To Be A Heartwarming Santa? Learn Why A Real Beard Matters

In the months, weeks, and days before Christmas, individuals throughout the world get ready to bring joy to the hearts of children. A group of individuals don red suits, black boots, and Santa caps. They head out to stores, malls, and parades so they can entertain people or listen to a child's list of wanted gifts. The whole purpose of those who play Santa is to keep the magic alive for those children that believe. If you are interested in being a Santa, there are some things you need to know about having a real beard.

Real Beards vs. Fake Beards

Although there are plenty of individuals out there posing as Santa with fake beards, real beards are often a preference. In fact, there are entire organizations dedicated to hiring real bearded Santas. To understand the importance of a real beard, take into consideration how many children in the U.S. believe in Santa. Estimates say approximately 85% of 4-year-olds, 65% of 6-year-olds, and 25% of 8-year-olds are believers.

Now take into consideration how many young children test their faith and curiosity in Santa by pulling his beard. One survey collected information from nearly 700 Santas. According to those Santas, 92.89% reported that a child had pulled their beard. Imagine the shock and surprise a child would receive if that beard were easily removable? A real beard stays in place, thus solidifying the magic of Santa.

Real Beard Upkeep

Now that you know it may be time to make no-shave November a more permanent thing, you should understand the importance of beard upkeep. As someone who plans to dedicate their time to playing Santa, you need to understand the importance of the Santa beard.

You need to encourage healthy hair growth, which you can do through exfoliation. Removing dead skin cells gives the hair follicles room to breathe and grow. Keep your face washed and use an exfoliator tool that removes dead skin skills from your face to encourage hair growth. As your beard starts to grow, make sure you keep it moisturized so it is both soft and healthy. Santa often has a full, soft, healthy beard rather than a scraggly, wiry-looking one.

To improve the look of your beard, make sure you improve your diet with a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and veggies are important, but there are also vitamin and mineral supplements you can take to help. Also, keep beard oil on hand so you can massage it into the hair and encourage soft hair growth.

Real Beard Bleaching

Santas that do not have real beards can often use a wig and a fake beard. The fake beard is colored white to help mimic the look of Santa Claus. For those of you that have a real beard, you have to take the extra steps to achieve that snowy-white beard, which includes bleaching. There are those who worry that bleaching may damage the hair or the hair follicles. For that reason, you should make sure you look for high-quality hair bleach.

Talk to some experts nearby and ask them about the bleaching process. You should gather the opinion of at least two experts based on your hair type and color. Once you have a comfortable amount of information, it is time to start the bleaching process. Make sure you bleach both your beard and mustache for even coloring and a true Santa Claus appearance.

Being Santa Claus for young children can be a rewarding experience. It may take time and dedication on your part when it comes to beard growth and care, but it can be worth it in the end.

For more information about your options, contact services that will hire a real beard Santa.