Brandon Lawrence

Buying a Home? Why Choose a Fast-Closing Loan

If you're in the market for a new home, and you're planning on a standard escrow period, it's time for a change of plans. You might not realize this, but there are ways to expedite the process. One of those ways is through the use of a fast-closing home loan. Standard home loans can take around 51 days for the process to close. Unfortunately, that's 51 days to wait for your new home. Read More 

2 Tips For Making Your Upcoming Move To A New Home Easier For Yourself And The Movers

If you are getting ready to move to a new home, you may feel overwhelmed about everything that you need to do to prepare. Especially when it comes to packing, moving, and unboxing all of your belongings, you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to make things easier on yourself. To help ease some of the work you have to do while moving, you may be planning to hire professionals. Read More 

How Water Treatment Services Can Keep Your Employees Safe

Businesses need to take the necessary steps to keep their employees safe. For that reason, many businesses create rules and regulations that assist and encourage the safety of their employees. Unfortunately, rules and regulations cannot eliminate all of the risks that employees may face while on the job. There are many hidden risks that employees face that require a watchful eye to ensure that they do not compromise the safety of employees. Read More 

Hire Professional Help To Find The Right People For Your Company’s Board

Is your organization seating a board of directors or another group who will have oversight over the firm? Do you already have such a board but need to find a replacement for an upcoming or existing vacancy? Here's why it might be best to retain some professional help when trying to find the right people to lead your company or organization at an executive or corporate level. A Private Search Firm Can Help Keep the News of the Vacancy Under Wraps Until You Are Ready Read More 

How Employee Feedback Collection Software Enhances Employee Retention

When running a business, employee churn is inevitable. Employees leave their jobs for many reasons. Some common reasons for employee resignation include dissatisfaction with their current work environment or finding an enticing opportunity elsewhere. Whatever the reason, this leads a business to the process of searching, hiring, and training new employees to replace them. This process of finding and onboarding a new employee is often costly and time-consuming. However, there are many critical decisions that a business can make to curb this issue. Read More