3 Serious Consequences Of Not Taking Advantage Of Bail Bonds Services

Individuals who are charged with crimes are sometimes granted bail. Paying this amount will allow them to be released from jail pending their court date. A judge determines the amount of bail. In rare instances, judges can use their discretion and grant defendants a recognizance (O.R.) bond. O.R. bonds are an agreement that the defendant will show up for all of their court appearance based on their oral agreement and signature. 

Individuals who have a bail amount have several options to get out of jail. Many individuals do not have resources of their own to bond out of jail Some of them choose to stay incarcerated. There are a variety of reasons why this is a bad idea. Bail bond agents offer an affordable solution to individuals who need to get out of jail. The following points represent a few potential repercussions of not seeking their services.

Loss of Employment

Individuals who have an employer run the risk of losing their jobs if they do not bond out of jail in a timely manner. Most employers will not hold a position for an extended amount of time. Some companies have point systems, which means that the accumulation of too many points due to absences and tardies results in dismissals. Individuals who are self-employed may lose loyal customers or clients if they are unavailable to complete routine services. 


Many individuals live from paycheck to paycheck. Staying in jail could interfere with them being able to pay their rent or mortgage. Their financial woes could put them at risk of eviction or foreclosure. A bail bonds company can get individuals out of jail 24/7. This will allow them to get out of jail and back to work to pay their bills.

Safety Threats

Some individuals may be at risk of being targeted for crimes such as burglaries. If word of mouth circulates that an individual is in jail, others may break into their homes since they are aware that the accused individual is incarcerated. This is especially true for defendants who live alone. Getting out of jail with bail ensures a person's home and belongings will be safer since they will be there to watch over them.

Family Disruption

Sometimes defendants have key roles they serve within their families. It is important to think about how being in jail will affect their families. The loss of income could put a financial burden on their partners. Children may miss their parents and misbehave at school or become withdrawn and depressed. If they witnessed the arrest, anxiety could become an issue. Another potential consequence is that a family may have to move out of their home and relocate. Minor children may have to transfer schools and adjust to a new environment.

Bail bonds are a viable solution for individuals arrested in these tough economic times. They are a financial service that can keep individuals from losing everything. It could also reduce crime rates. Individuals must adhere to bond requirements such as not getting new charges or other getting involved in restricted activities.

To learn more, contact a bail bonds service in your area.