2 Benefits Of Using A Commercial Service For Recycling Your Industrial Business’s Scrap Copper

If your industrial business manufactures a lot of products that require copper as a base metal, you probably have a lot of scrap laying around that you are responsible for getting rid of. Because you want to lessen your company's impact on the environment, you may already be hauling off the scrap to a recycling yard.

However, if this has become too time-consuming, you may be looking for better options for dealing with the scrap. If so, consider a couple of the benefits of using a commercial service to help you recycle your company's scrap copper metal.

1. They Will Provide the Recycling Bins and Teach You How to Use Them

One of the benefits of signing up with a commercial recycling service is that they will provide you with recycling bins. After sitting down with you and assessing how much scrap metal your business processes, they will help you select the sizes that will best serve your business's needs.

Once the bins are delivered, they will teach both you and your workers how to use them. Each bin will be designated for different types of copper, such as wires, pipes, or bars. They will also have designated bins for clean and dirty copper.

They will show you how to clean the copper to yield the highest price. For copper pieces that cannot be fully stripped of extraneous materials, you would place them in the dirty bin.

2. They Will Come and Pick up the Scrap Copper on a Schedule That You Set

Another benefit of using a recycling service is that they will come to your business to pick up and empty the bins for you. This will help save you time and resources from having to take the copper to a recycling center yourself.

While the service is assessing your business's copper scrap output, they can determine how often the scrap should be picked up. Based on their recommendations, you can then set a schedule for when they pick up the copper scrap.

When your business produces tons of copper scrap during its operations, signing up with a commercial recycling center can be beneficial for helping you dispose of it. They provide you with recycling bins and teach you and your workers how to clean and sort the metal. They will also come to your place of business to haul off the scrap at intervals that you schedule yourself. For more information, contact a commercial scrap metal recycling service in your area to speak with a representative.