Aqua Therapy Jets: What Are They, And How Can They Offer Therapeutic Benefits?

The aqua therapy jet has been developed as a therapeutic tool to enhance the quality of life for many people who struggle with certain physical challenges. Aqua therapy jets are sometimes used in physical therapy programs and often work well in improving the ways that people feel and function in their own bodies. If you are someone who struggles with certain physical limitations, aqua therapy jets may give you therapeutic benefits that yield great results. 

How Do Aqua Therapy Jets Work?

Sometimes referred to as aqua therapy resistance jets, aqua therapy jets are water jets that emit powerful streams of water inside specially designed swimming pools. The water streams provide resistance for the body to work against while exercising in the water. The resistance that's produced from aqua therapy jets can help the body grow stronger and heal from injuries faster by encouraging muscles to work harder in the safest manner possible. Exercising in the water with the use of aqua therapy jets can also be easier on the body than other forms of resistance training. 

Who Benefits the Most from Using Aqua Therapy Jets?

Anyone can benefit from exercising in the water with these jets to achieve better physical conditioning, but people who have bone and joint problems that are caused by arthritis or similar conditions often find this type of physical therapy to be especially beneficial. If you have sustained a muscle injury, aqua therapy jets may help you relieve some of the pain and stiffness and enable you to still exercise the affected muscles without putting too much strain on them and risking reinjury. Overweight and obese individuals who struggle with gym workouts and other conventional forms of exercise can often benefit from using aqua therapy jets to burn calories and develop better muscle tone. Aqua therapy jets can even be used to relieve chronic swelling.

What Exercises Can Be Done with Aqua Therapy Jets?

Several different exercises can be done with the assistance of aqua therapy jets to work different muscle groups. The type of exercises that you will be able to perform will depend on the pool size and what a physical therapist may recommend. Some of the best exercises to perform with these jets include:

  • Aqua aerobics
  • Swim strokes 
  • Weight training
  • Resistance band training
  • Stationary bike training
  • Forward or backward water walking or jogging

If you're looking for an effective way to exercise while dealing with mobility challenges, aqua therapy jets can help you stay active. You'll likely find the relief and other therapeutic benefits that you're looking for when you use aqua therapy jets to supplement your workout routines.