Information About Zuni Fetishes

The Zuni are native to the Zuni River valley, and they make small carvings that depict animals and other icons important to their people. The carvings are made from different types of material that include materials like turquoise, marble, bone, and many more. The animals depicted in the Zuni fetishes are believed to have special powers or qualities that can help the owner of the Zuni fetishes. Learn more about Zuni fetishes and the abilities a few of the different animals are believed to have by reviewing the information provided below: 

Uses for the Zuni fetishes

Zuni fetishes can be kept on display in a home or other location. They can be tucked away in a special spot until the person who is in possession of it feels the need to bring it out. Very small ones can also be crafted into jewelry pieces that can be worn. 

How Zuni fetishes look

The Zuni fetishes look much like the animals they are supposed to represent. However, the coloring of the material they are made from will dictate the coloring of the Zuni fetish and in most cases, they will not be painted, even to give them a more realistic look. Even the details of the eyes and mouth will be carved and other materials are not normally used to enhance their look. 

The bear - The bear is known for being a powerful animal with healing abilities and that is very intelligent and curious. The bear is protective and it also has powers that are supernatural. 

The horse - The horse is known for working well in a team environment. It is also praised for its strength and its ability to grow spiritually. Like the bear, the horse is also believed to have strong healing abilities. 

The wolf - The wolf is admired for its strength, its hunting abilities, good teamwork behaviors, and its strong loyalty and ability to teach. 


There are many ways in which the Zuni fetishes are shared. They can be given from one person to another as a gift. They can also be earned or they can be made by the person who then decides to keep the Zuni fetish for themselves. They can also be passed down from one person to another in the family or that they feel a bond with. They can also be given as payment for a job well done.