Encouraging Impulse Purchases At Checkout: Three Display Systems To Consider

Adding merchandise to your checkout counter can help increase your store's sales. You can drive items per sale and dollars per sale with this simple addition to your merchandising strategy. By choosing the best display systems, you can make convenience items attractive to potential buyers. Here are some display options you may want to consider incorporating into your retail store's floor plan.

Freestanding Cardboard Displays

Cardboard displays can be great for seasonal merchandise. They are lightweight and easy to move, so you can bring them out whenever you have seasonal merchandise to push. These displays are ideal for holiday candy, DVDs, and even sunscreen. Invest in several cardboard displays in different colors to make changing the look for each season simple. You can place these units at the front of checkout lines or right next to the registers, depending on your available space. You may even want to reach out to some of your vendors, as they may have their own branded displays you can receive at no cost.

Gift Card Racks

Encouraging a customer to purchase a gift card for your store carries the promise of a future purchase. Making gift cards available at checkout can provide convenience for those who need to purchase a last-minute gift. You can choose from countertop displays, which sit next to your registers, or floor-standing units. Work with your gift card vendor to come up with several designs, including birthday, anniversary, and graduation. These more customized options can create visual impact on the rack while giving customers plenty of choices for gifting. If you sell gift cards with set amounts, be sure that the racks you use provide enough space to house cards from each price.

Merchandise-Ready Checkout Counters

Consider installing new counters for your registers that have space for merchandise. A customer-facing shelving system built in to the checkout counter provides space for rotating merchandise. You can use this space to sell gum and candy, but it can also be used to promote sale items or even clearance merchandise. Batteries, mini flashlights, phone chargers, phone cases, and hand sanitizer are all great ideas for everyday items you can keep stocked at each register year-round. For long rows of cash registers, consider purchasing a retail display system with shelves that run the entire length of the counter. This gives customers a chance to browse all available items as they wait in line to pay.

To increase you sales, contact a company that offers retail display systems