Keeping Office Items Sanitary During A Move

Changing office buildings can be just what you need to reinvigorate your business and workforce. Moving to a location that will allow an easier flow of business plus a building with better energy efficiency can help your profit margin skyrocket. If you are ready for a move, you need to make sure that your equipment and furniture moves from one place to the other safely and healthily. In order to be sure that your office equipment remains sanitary during a move, here are some steps to take. 

Have all equipment cleaned properly

To make sure that you are not transferring germs and dirt from one place to the other, you should have all office furniture and equipment sanitized prior to moving. For upholstery, you can hire a special upholstery-cleaning firm to steam clean or shampoo the upholstery as needed. For office desks and chairs, cleaners or your designated team can use wood and metal disinfecting products to properly clean the office equipment. For small items such as pens, printers, keyboards, and other personal equipment, have all employees clean these items with disinfecting wipes and sprays. 

Wrap all items possible in plastic

Immediately after everything in your office has been cleaned, place these items in plastic. For small items, such as work supplies, these can be in gallon-size plastic bags. For larger items, you will need to purchase sheets of plastic in order to completely cover the item. Once the items are covered, take them down or tie the plastic tight with twine so that the items stay wrapped. Do not neglect easy-to-forget items such as table legs, lampshades, and televisions. 

Have the movers wear gloves and proper foot covering

Once the items are ready for your commercial movers to come and pick up, ask the movers to wear gloves. Gloves will make it easier for the movers to grip items solidly and will also keep oils or dirt from the hands from getting onto your newly cleaned items. Have gloves available for your workers and movers to use in the event that their pair gets dirty. Along with the gloves, have everyone entering the space to help with the move wear foot coverings. This will stop dirt and outside elements from being tracked into your old building, the moving truck, and eventually your new building. Change the foot coverings out before going into the new building so that everything remains nice and new. 

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