Designing An Effective Instagram Video Ad: Three Critical Steps

Instagram is a great place for posting photo advertisements, but it's an equally great space for video marketing. With access to millions of users, video ads can give your brand greater exposure and expand your customer base. Learn how to develop an effective ad for this social media platform.

Keep it Short

Instagram is the highway of social media, in that it's designed in a manner for users to quickly scroll through. As a result, users don't expect to spend a long time viewing a single post. Keep your video ad as short as possible to align with this idea. For the most part, your ads should not be any more than about 15 seconds. 

Keep in mind; Instagram does offer a longer video version known as Instagram TV, but the reality is that not every user is going to watch these longer videos. A short video has a greater potential of reaching more viewers. A professional film production video firm can help you edit your videos to fit within the appropriate timeframe. 

Make Several Videos

At this point, you know that you need to keep your videos short, but you might wonder how you can effectively communicate all the information you need to. The answer to this concern is to make several videos. 

Take a multi-surface floor cleaner with adapters for upholstery cleaning and vehicle detailing, for instance. Rather than make a video showing all the tools features, it would make more sense to make one video showing the cleaner working on multiple floor surfaces and another video showcasing the cleaners' adapters. With this method, you stay within the allotted time frame for the video and you get straight to the point, which is critical to keeping the user's attention. 

Tell the Story Through Imagery

People look at Instagram everywhere, including at home, while waiting for an appointment, and even at work. As a result, it's not a guarantee that each person who views your ad will do so with their volume turned up. 

To combat this issue, don't rely on audio alone to tell the story of your product. You should instead rely on imagery and captions to capture the users' attention and sell the product. Partner with a film production professional to learn how the right camera angles, background lighting, and images can help you with this goal. 

Don't underestimate the importance of partnering with a professional film production company to ensure your ad is effective. To learn more, get in contact with a film production company.