Benefits Of Crop Dusting Services

When you have a huge field of crops, taking care of it to produce the best yield possible is not a simple undertaking. Of course, there is the tilling of the filed, sowing the seeds, and watering that are important, but you also need to fertilize and control pests. Losing an entire crop because of a lack of nutrients or the presence of bugs is very detrimental to your financial situation. Once you have your fields planted and the watering system in place, it is going to be a good idea to contact a crop dusting service. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use aerial application of some nutrients and all pesticides.

Soft Soil

The soil around your crops needs to remain somewhat soft and fluffy. This helps the roots to breathe, helps water to flow more easily to the roots, and provides better absorption of fertilizers than hard, compacted soil does. Driving big, heavy machinery across the field compacts the soil. Flying overhead does not harm the soil in any way.

Protect Plants

In addition to compacting the soil, heavy trucks and tractors also compress the roots, preventing them from being able to readily absorb water and nutrients. The vehicles will also cause damage to the stems and leaves of the plants. If there are buds or vegetables on the plants, the vehicles can rip them off. All this damage means a smaller yield at harvest time. Crop dusting avoids all this, as the plane does not touch the plants at all.

Quicker Application

Sometimes you will be on a time crunch to get the nutrients or pesticides on the crops. This could be due to an expected rain shower, unusually high temperatures, or just trying to keep a problem from spreading. Hand application can take days or weeks, depending on how many acres you are growing. Using tractors and such is faster than doing it by hand but can still take days. An airplane can fly over the field and dispense the needed products in a few hours or less. 

Unfortunately, you cannot simply plant some seeds, give them a bit of water, and harvest from them a few months later. The quickest and safest-for-the-plants way to get the crops what they need to grow strong and healthy is crop duster services. Let the pilots do all the work so you can stand back and watch your plants grow.