3 Things To Look For When Hiring Drivers For Your Medical Transport Service

Hiring drivers is not always an easy feat. You're trusting these employees to operate your company vehicles and serve your clients. In the medical transport business, these concerns become even bigger. Working with a driving jobs staffing service to get the drivers you need is a good idea. These companies will properly vet applicants to ensure they're a good fit for the position. Here's a look at what must be considered when hiring drivers for a medical transport service. 

Make sure the driver has experience working with the elderly and disabled. 

The majority of people who rely on medical transport services will be those patients who are either elderly and can no longer drive themselves or those who are disabled and rely on mobility devices like wheelchairs to get around. Any medical transport driver that you allow to be part of your company should have some level of experience working with people in these situations. For instance, if you hire a driver who has spent some time working in a nursing home, they'll understand the needs and concerns of elderly patients. Even though this kind of experience is not actually a necessity, it's an important attribute to see on a job resume. 

Make sure the driver has a clean driving history with few accidents. 

When passengers climb inside a medical transport vehicle, they can have all kinds of ailments and issues that need to be tended to by medical providers. If the driver you hire gets behind the wheel and drives erratically, speeds, or gets into auto accidents frequently, it can be detrimental to the passengers in tow. When you bring in a prospect for a driving job with your company, it's critical that you have looked at their prior driving history and any marks against their record as a driver. 

Make sure the driver has shown their reliability in prior positions. 

Medical transport services provide a highly valuable service to patients that may not otherwise be able to get where they need to go. You can't have a driver who frequently calls in or runs late because this lack of reliability can directly affect the health of patients who rely on your services. Before you start hiring drivers to fill open positions, make sure you check with their prior employers to find out if they were reliable and present when they were supposed to be.

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