Helpful Tips For Using Ammonia For Cleaning In Your Business

Ammonium hydroxide, which is also commonly known as ammonia, is a common cleaning agent that is used in all sorts of commercial facilities. If you are hoping to use ammonia for cleaning in your business, you might be looking for a little bit of advice. These pointers can help you use ammonia safely and effectively.

Purchase Pure Ammonia

First of all, you may want to avoid buying mixed products that include ammonia and other ingredients. You should also make sure that the product that you are buying is pure ammonia as opposed to a watered-down version or a different type of chemical. Buy from a reputable supplier, and carefully read the label for more information.

Be Careful About How You Mix It

Ammonia can be used by itself for cleaning in some applications, but it's often mixed with water or other substances. Make sure that you mix ammonia carefully if you do choose to do so. For example, be careful about mixing ammonia with other chemicals, since this can cause a dangerous reaction in some cases. Additionally, when mixing, make sure that you use the right mix of ammonia with water or other chemicals. Make sure that you actually measure the ingredients rather than just guessing for best results.

Make Sure There Is Proper Ventilation

When cleaning when ammonia, it is important to make sure that there is proper ventilation. Otherwise, you and the others who are inside the building could be exposed to dangerous fumes. Open the windows, or use the vents. Avoid using too much ammonia in an enclosed area.

Protect Yourself During Handling

When handling ammonia, make sure that you protect yourself. Wearing gloves will help you protect your hands, and you may want to wear safety glasses to help prevent ammonia from splashing in your eyes. Make sure that you wash your hands and arms thoroughly after coming into contact with ammonia.

Be Careful About Which Surfaces It's Used On

Ammonia is handy for cleaning all sorts of surfaces, but this does not mean that it should be used on everything. Some building materials and furnishings can actually be damaged by ammonia, so be careful if you want to prevent damage. You may want to start by cleaning a small area of the surface with ammonia first; then, you can check to ensure that you didn't damage the surface before you continue.

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